In 10 years, pain pills will be OBSOLETE.
THIS is what we’ll do instead…

Relieves arthritis pain, muscle pain, backaches, and more in MINUTES and you can use it as often as you need to

Forgive me for saying this… but taking a pill for your arthritis pain is just plain CRAZY.

It doesn’t make any sense!

As a doctor, I can tell you this: the future of arthritis pain relief – the future those folks you just heard from are already experiencing – does NOT come in pill form.

The breakthrough you’ll discover in this presentation is delivering a whole new kind of relief to arthritis sufferers.

It’s 100% doctor-developed, approved and recommended… yet you don’t need a prescription.

You can use it anytime you hurt, even multiple times a day, without worrying about side effects -- thanks to its groundbreaking delivery mechanism…

It works in as little as 30 minutes… it’s non-addictive… and while it works on almost any kind of pain, it’s especially powerful for the grinding and throbbing of arthritis…

And most importantly, it’s powerful enough to relieve the kind of aches and pains that keep you from living life to the fullest.

No more staying home when you’d rather be out doing something fun… no more quitting in the middle of a round of golf or tennis match… no more watching your younger friends or relatives outdo you…


This breakthrough gives you
the power
squash pain
anyplace it strikes!

My name is Allan Spreen, and I’ve been a medical doctor for more than 30 years. I also coached the US dive team through 3 Olympic Games.

I’ve prescribed pain pills. I’ve used them myself.

But I’m telling you – if your pain comes from arthritis – there’s a better way. So much better, in fact, that taking pills for Arthritis will soon be “passé”.

See, pain pills are basically “left over” from centuries-old science.

Let me explain…

In the 1200s, European explorers found trade routes to China. When they came back, they brought a strange substance called opium.

Doctors soon realized it was a potent pain reliever. The opium trend quickly spread all over Europe.

The only problem? You had to either smoke it or inject it – and it was extremely addictive.

So in the early 1900’s chemists figured out how to make it into pills. That way the dose could be precisely controlled, and it was still very effective at getting rid of pain.

If you’ve ever taken a heavy-duty painkiller, you know what I’m talking about…

These potent pills just seem to make pain vanish into thin air.

Have you ever wondered how they deliver such powerful relief?

Well it turns out there are receptors for them in nearly every cell in your brain.

They’re called opioid receptors. Fascinatingly, they existed long before anyone found drugs that affect them.

They control how we feel pain. They’re like our body’s natural “pain volume dials.”

Turn them down a bit, and pain gets quieter. Turn them all the way down to “mute”, and pain disappears completely.

It’s what makes opioid pain pills so popular with doctors and Big Pharma...

But there’s another side of this story most people don’t know about.

Around the same time the opium craze swept across Europe, another potent painkilling compound was discovered in nature.

It’s a natural oil from certain plants in the mint family. It’s called mentha arvensis extract, or MAE.

It was used by the Japanese more than 2,000 years ago to treat all kinds of pain…

And when Western scientists isolated it in the 1880s, they were stunned… Because MAE is something special. Something very special indeed.

According to animal studies, it works on those same opioid receptors, the natural “pain dials” in our cells… which means it has the same kind of potent painkilling action…

BUT… it’s completely non-addictive, safe and natural. It doesn’t even have to be processed – just pulled straight from natural plants…

Studies as early as the 1890’s proved it has a definite “analgesic” or pain-reducing activity. And since then, research has piled up showing how it relieves muscle soreness, backache, pain from sprains and strains, bruises… and especially arthritis pain.

So maybe you’re wondering… why doesn’t your doctor prescribe MAE for YOUR pain?

Simple: opioid pain pills and NSAIDS are BIG moneymakers. The drug companies push them instead of a natural alternative – because they’re more profitable!

That’s why almost no one – doctors included – knows about the true power of MAE.

But that’s about to change…

Breakthroughs in organic chemistry have unlocked MAE’s pain-relieving power wherever and whenever you need it.

See – MAE – also known as menthol, doesn’t work very well in pill form. But it turns out that with the right “absorption enhancers” to send it deep into your joints and other pain places, it’s PERFECTLY SUITED to topical pain relief.

Forget about old-fashioned creams and salves… this new approach is the next generation of pain relief science… delivering powerful pain relief on contact – relief you can feel in minutes.

So let me show you why I can confidently say that…

In 10 years’ time, this breakthrough
will make pain pills OBSOLETE…

See, when you take a pain pill, a lot of things have to happen before you actually feel relief.

First the pill has to be broken down by your stomach acid.

Right off the bat that can be a problem – because as we get older most of us have less stomach acid than we need. So there’s a chance your pills aren’t getting broken down all the way.

This is also the first place that side effects start to pop up – because these pills can be tough on your stomach lining. And I mean REALLY tough.

In fact, NSAID pain relievers like Ibuprofen are known to increase your risk of heart attacks, and trigger internal bleeding!

In fact, as many as 16,500 people die every year from NSAID-related complications.

So, if your pill makes it past your stomach without giving you bleeding ulcers, it still has to be absorbed in your intestines. And that’s another problem, because lots of us have issues with absorption as we age.

The end result is you, waiting… waiting… waiting in misery for the relief to come.

Not to mention the fact that every time you take them, you’re risking serious – even deadly -- side effects.

Now, compare that to
Mentha Arvensis Extract:

just rub a little on wherever it hurts –

and a few minutes later,

sweet relief!

Simple, right?

It sounds simple because it IS simple. I’m convinced – it’s the way we were meant to deal with pain.

Doesn’t it make so much more sense to apply your pain reliever directly to where it hurts, rather than forcing it all the way through your digestive system?

Think about it – even if you love your pain pills… if you had a lightning-fast topical “pain eraser” you could rely on whenever you needed it – wouldn’t you reach for it FIRST?

Instead of popping a pill and waiting for it to kick in… instead of being caught off guard by a sudden pain flare-up…

Imagine if your pain relief was “on-demand”…

Imagine if you could use it anytime you start to feel a twinge of pain in your knees, hips, lower back, wrists, shoulders, hands or anywhere else…

You could quickly dab on to the site of pain, feel a wave of sweet relief and total comfort in your joints, bones and muscles… then go on about your business

Well, I’m pleased to announce -- that futuristic level of pain relief is available right here, right now.

It’s the result of hundreds of hours of research and development as well as state of the art formulation and production techniques.

I call it, Arthritis Relief Cream, or simply, ARC.

And because you’ve done me the honor of spending a few minutes of your time with me, I’d like to send you up to a 3-month supply for FREE.

Details in a minute. But first, let me show exactly what’s inside this breakthrough formula.

As I mentioned, it all starts with mentha arvensis extract or MAE.

As you can imagine, not all MAE is created equal. The MAE I selected for Arthritis Relief Cream comes from the potent plants grown in Southeast Asia. 

That’s where MA grows naturally, and the soil and climate conditions there are perfect for producing the healthiest specimens.

After the mentha arvensis plants are harvested, the MAE is produced using a high-tech freeze crystallization process.

The science is incredibly complex. But the important part is that the resulting MAE is pure and VERY potent.

It’s also the ideal form of MAE for mixing into a smooth, easily-absorbed topical formulation…

Remember -- it’s the topical “delivery system” that finally unlocked MAE’s pain-erasing power into your joints.

And it really is a high-water mark in modern organic chemistry – an achievement that will go down in history for turning the tide in pain relief from pills to topical formulas.

Our formula is based on a precise blend of pure natural oils, including…

Each and every one of these ingredients was hand-selected from the purest sources available.

And each one contributes in its unique way to help rocket the pain-relieving power of MAE into your joints and muscles.

The final blend is formulated precisely, with each ingredient in a precise proportion.  Sometimes just fractions of a percent.

And it’s that precise formulation that creates a smooth, easy to apply, non-greasy, great-smelling blend…

It feels like a high-end skin lotion –
one that just happens to carry

sweet relief to
your aching joints…

Which reminds me – how fast can you expect to feel the relief after you apply ARC?

Great question.

Within 30 minutes of applying a nickel-sized dab to your pain-site, you’ll feel undeniable relief from your pain.

To be honest, many of our customers report feeling relief faster than that, like Peter from Indianapolis who said, “My wife and I both use it for joint and back pain. Pain is gone within a few minutes.”

Just imagine how your life will change once you have the future of pain relief at your fingertips…

Imagine how much more active you can be, when anytime you feel a twinge of pain coming on – and I mean ANYTIME – you just whip out your nearest tube of ARC, spread a dab where it hurts, and go on about your life…

Knowing that a potent, advanced form of natural pain relief is rushing in to turn down those pain dials…

Knowing in just a few minutes, you’ll feel so much better…

How will that change your life?

Will you say YES to more fun and interesting new things? Will you travel more? Volunteer to keep the grandkids for a whole weekend??

Will you take on that project you’ve been thinking about? Maybe it’s an old car you want to restore… or a queen-sized quilt you’d love to make for your favorite grandchild?

And remember – I’m prepared to send you up to 3 tubes for FREE as part of a special offer today! I’ll tell you how to claim them in a minute, but first…

I haven’t even told you about the other, wonderful thing ARC does for you…

It lets you throw away your old-fashioned joint supplement, too!

Let me be clear – if you’re taking a joint health supplement like glucosamine and chondroitin, I applaud you – it’s one of the best ways to keep your cartilage and joint tissue healthy and smooth for years to come.

But there’s a little-known joint supplement with INCREDIBLE scientific research backing it up – that isn’t very well known for the simple reason that it doesn’t work well in pill form.

It’s called Cetylated Fatty Acids or CFA, and it’s kind of like a natural lubricant for all the cells in your body. Especially your joints.

Studies show it’s incredibly effective at supporting comfort and flexibility in your knees. And it just happens to mesh perfectly with our essential oil-based delivery system...

Which is why I included a potent dose of CFA in each tube of ARC.

So every time you rub it in, you’re not just getting rid of pain – you’re also delivering a dose of healing, lubricating support for your cartilage and joint tissue!

So you’re not just relieving pain temporarily – you’re making sure your joints stay healthy, strong, and flexible as the years go on!

If you’ve been dealing with arthritis pain for years and years, it may be hard to even imagine what your life will be like, once you have this pain relief miracle available anytime you need it…

Maybe I can help. Picture this…

You wake up in the morning, and your lower back is a little sore. So you grab the tube of ARC you keep in your nightstand, and rub a nickel-sized amount right around the base of your spine.

Within a few minutes, that soreness is gone, and you’re springing out of bed to make a cup of coffee before you take the dog out for a long walk…

While you’re out on your walk, your knee starts to tweak a little bit, so you grab the tube of ARC you keep in your pocket for just such an occasion. A quick dab right around the edge of your kneecap, and your back on the trail, feeling like a million bucks…

That afternoon you’re working on a bear of a crossword, and your right hand starts to ache like crazy. No worries – you grab the tube of ARC you keep in the little table next to the couch.

Rub it into both hands just to be safe, and finish the rest of the puzzle like a human dictionary

That evening, your friends invite you out to go bowling. You’re ready to hit the lanes, but your wife says her hip is acting up again… so you hand her one of the extra tubes of ARC you keep around just to give out to friends and family when they’re hurting.

You show her how just a nickel-sized dab is all it takes, how silky smooth it feels, how nice it smells, and how easily it absorbs into the skin.

And a few minutes later, her eyes go wide and a big smile spreads from ear to ear… and she says with joy –

“Well I’ll be… the pain…

It just… VANISHED!”

Friend, I think you’re starting to get the idea…

As long as you have a tube of ARC on hand – you ALWAYS have the most advanced, next-generation topical pain relief on earth at your fingertips…

And I have even better news.

Because right now… this very moment… is the absolute BEST time for you to try ARC.

Here’s what I mean.

With all the cutting-edge science that goes into each tube of ARC – with the hundreds of hours of R&D and the cutting-edge formulation, blending and production processes, you might think ARC must be really expensive…

And when you think about what some people pay for pain relief –hundreds or even thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH on pills and potions…

I probably should charge at least a hundred bucks for a month’s supply of ARC.

But that’s NOT how I do business.

I’m happy to tell you that the price for a single tube of ARC (which will last you a month if you use it a LOT, longer if you use it less) – is nowhere near a hundred dollars.

Not even half that, in fact.

When you order ARC through the link you’ll see below the video in just a second, your price is just a mere $29.95.

That’s less than a dollar a day!

Less than a dollar a day to join the revolution in natural, non-addictive, fast-acting pain relief powered by the incredible MAE extract…

Less than a dollar a day to have quick, no-hassle pain relief at your fingertips anytime day or night…

Less than a dollar a day for the peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about a sudden pain flare-up… knowing arthritis pain will never stop you from doing the things you love, or stop you from keeping up with your younger friends and relatives…

Less than a dollar a day for
TRUE arthritis pain relief, guaranteed.

Would you agree that’s more than fair?

But I’ll do you one better…

If you order two tubes of ARC today, I’ll throw in TWO MORE ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s FOUR tubes for the price of two, the best deal we’ve ever offered…

But I couldn’t forgive myself if I let you walk away without experiencing this pain relief miracle for yourself.

So I’ll go even further. If you order three tubes of arthritis relief cream today, and I’ll give you three more absolutely free.

That’s SIX TUBES for the price of three, or about fifteen dollars for each tube!

Friend, when you think of the incredible science that goes into each tube… the potent power of MAE and the advanced natural oil-based delivery system…

And especially once you FEEL the pain relief for yourself, once you FEEL how fast and effective it is…

$15 per tube will feel like stealing. And if six tubes seems like a lot, just remember how much your friends and relatives will clamor to get their hands on it once they feel it for themselves…

And don’t worry – like every product my team and I produce here at NorthStar Nutritionals, I stand behind every tube of ARC.

Each one is backed by a full, unconditional money back guarantee that NEVER expires.

Whether you’re on your first tube or your hundred and first, you can always return your most recent order for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Please -- click the button below to claim your free bottles right away!

Understand, we’re expecting a strong response to this special offer, and our supply of ARC is extremely limited.

Since your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – I urge you to grab your free bottles while you can!

Click the button below to get started.

For NorthStar Nutritionals, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen.

Thanks for reading.

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