Dear Reader,

You know the Soviet Union as America’s ultimate rival for almost half a century...

But what almost nobody knows is that the Soviets were safeguarding a secret weapon:

An “energy powerhouse” that was rumored to deliver superhuman strength, speed, and stamina.

And believed to make Russia our #1 opponent in the fields of sports, technology, and medicine.

Now, after digging into over 3,000 published studies, I can finally put the rumors to bed.

Because new research reveals that this “Soviet Secret” unlocks the PEAK potential of your mind and body...

No matter your age…

All while giving you the same youthful, ENDLESS energy you had in your 30’s and even 20’s. Every single day.

And that’s just for starters. When you take advantage of the Soviet’s discovery, your body seemingly “comes to life”. Some people are reporting benefits like...

All without dangerous side effects of stimulants and energy drinks.

Now get this...

The “Soviet Secret” is a natural herb!

Yet up until now, this herb and its superhuman benefits have remained shrouded in mystery.

The Soviet government classified the information. And not much is known about their top-secret studies.

That’s because this single herb may have been the key to Russia’s emergence as a global superpower.

I’ll show you why in a moment. And how I discovered it.

You’ll see how since I first showed this “Soviet Secret” to my patients and readers...

Thousands of seniors are now using it to enjoy the best-performing bodies and brains of their lives.

They feel free from stress... enjoy boundless energy... and they even feel supercharged mental focus and clarity.

Some more than ever before!

You’ll see real-life examples. And you’ll see how it can do the same for you, starting with one dose. No matter your...

Imagine for a moment that you could wake up in the morning with the boundless energy that you had 30 years ago…

Imagine popping out of bed and realizing that your achy joints and muscle pain are a thing of the past…

Imagine having enough stamina to run laps around your grandkids…

Imagine getting back to the activities you love... such as golfing, gardening, traveling or even riding your bike around the neighborhood…

It’s all possible for YOU now, thanks to this Soviet Secret.

The intrigue behind Russia’s athletic prowess ultimately led me to this discovery. Let me explain...

How I discovered this “energy powerhouse”

My name is Dr. Allan Spreen. I’ve been a medical doctor for 30 years. And I also coached the U.S. dive team.

When I was a coach in the 1980’s, the Soviet Union and USA rivalry was at its peak. Especially in the sports world.

And it’s still a source of patriotic pride that I represented America against the “Evil Empire”.

Although my team competed on a world stage against over a hundred countries...

At the end of the day, we all knew who our REAL opponent was.

Back then, I heard rumors of the Soviets using all sorts of unusual performance enhancers.

But the most powerful of them all was said to be this secret power herb.

One that could help even ordinary athletes achieve championship feats. All by enhancing...

The best part is, it was safe, natural, and free of the dangerous side effects of stimulants and energy drinks.

But when I started checking into studies or any research on it, I was quickly disappointed. Nothing came up.

It was as if the Soviets were safeguarding the details behind it. And they were.

But they couldn’t keep a lid on it forever.

In the 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed and so did their guard on this top-secret herb. I decided to start digging again and it was like a dam had opened up. Over 1,000 published scientific papers were found showing that this is truly a “Wonder Herb” capable of delivering superhuman strength and endurance.

I’m going to tell you more about what I found on this “elite herb” and how you can get your hands on it today.

But before I do, let me show you a tiny snapshot of just how powerful it is... and what it could do for YOU.

Let me ask you this to start with...

Do you remember how it was in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s?

America and Russia were in a constant dogfight in everything...

Hockey, chess, and basketball… you name it.

And of course you can’t forget the Rocky movies that fueled the flames of this rivalry.

The USA left every country in the dust, but not quite Russia.

Why is that?

Why did the Soviets become the only real threat to America’s athletic dominance, even winning over 1,200 Olympic medals?

The answer starts with Russia’s scientists...

1,000+ Russian Scientists Studied This Herb’s Power

In the 1950s and 60s, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet government gave them a top-secret assignment…

A secret team of over 1,000 elite scientists was charged with finding ways to enhance Soviet superiority.

And they didn’t have to look far…

They honed in on an herb that grows in the Siberian forests. An herb so smart it “knows” how much energy YOU need to get through your day... then it tells your body to produce it.

They gave it to everyone from Olympic athletes and soldiers... to astronauts, deep-sea divers, and even factory workers.

And what happened next was epic...

The Soviets began to compete with the USA in the Olympics and in some occasions even beat Americans.

They built advanced satellites, shuttles, and other technologies that kicked off the Space Race with America.

And their factories boosted production to one of the highest levels in the world.

In other words, they achieved god-like levels of performance, stamina, and strength...

Results that YOU could achieve, too (as you’ll see in a moment).

All by using this natural performance-booster.

The Soviet “Secret Weapon”

This may sound incredible, but it’s 100% true.

Russia publicly acknowledged their use of it in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

In 1977, Soviet cosmonauts toasted achieving orbit in space with this tonic extract.

The pilots of the famous Soyuz 32 space mission set a record for space endurance, thanks to this herb.

Russian elite boxers, runners, vaulters, swimmers – they all took this performance-enhancing herb... with world-class results.

In the 1988 Olympics, Russia unexpectedly captured 55 gold medals – and scientists later credited this for the achievement.

It was even given to local residents affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

They even created an entire biomedical field devoted to research on it.

It was so powerful, in fact, the Soviets produced a crop big enough to supply 12 million people!

Enough to transform Russia into a nation of superhumans... which was ultimately their goal.

And though we ultimately defeated them...

No other nation had been able to compete with us like this before. Nobody has since. And undoubtedly this was their “secret weapon”.

One that allowed them to push the brink of what’s considered humanly “possible”.

But the obvious question is...

Could it do the same for YOU? And...

Why exactly is it so powerful?

It has everything to do with two tiny, walnut-shaped glands on your kidneys called “adrenals.”

These “energy power plants” are the source of your body’s energy hormones, including “adrenaline”.

Your adrenals also play a vital role in your body’s response to stress, releasing the hormone cortisol.

In “flight or fight” situations, your adrenals produce cortisol to manage your stress response.

Then they return to normal and are free to generate the energy your body needs all day.

But there’s nothing normal about the constant stress we experience in our modern society.

A situation your adrenals were NOT designed to handle.

It could be stress from work... a fight with your partner... or not having money for bills.

Even your daily exercise routine or a traffic jam on the way to the grocery store.

Plus we never seem to switch off our technology... be it a TV, iPhone, or laptop.

The adrenals respond to these common everyday stressors as if you were in “crisis mode”.

And since these sorts of everyday stressors are non-stop in our modern society...

Your adrenals NEVER get a chance to relax.

Over time, the years of everyday stress putting your adrenals on overload gradually break them down.

When this happens, energy hormones are not produced… and you enter a state of energy deprivation as your body searches for a way to make energy…

The motor never starts…

The energy never kicks in…

And you seem to ALWAYS feel tired, and never know why.

Scientists call it “adrenal fatigue”.

Some experts estimate a whopping 80% of Americans experience it, and almost ALL elderly Americans do.

Yet it is one of the least treated – and most misunderstood – conditions in modern medicine.

And frequent exhaustion is just for starters...

It’s also known to cause symptoms like...

Just to name a few things.

Contrary to what you may hear from your doctor, these are all modern conditions.

Our Paleolithic ancestors didn’t have the same constant stressors as modern society.

When they had to run from a predator, for instance, their adrenals would trigger the stress response. But these sorts of events were rare. So for the most part their adrenals worked normally.

And the result is they enjoyed peak physical strength, performance, and energy, no matter their age.

Anthropologists believe that ancient man could outrun, lift more, and jump higher than modern athletes.

They were also 10% taller, bigger, leaner, and more muscular.

For example, Roman soldiers ran the equivalent of a marathon and a half a day, while carrying equipment weighing half their body weight.

And Australian aborigines could throw a spear 10 meters farther than the current javelin world record.

This is the sort of power we were designed to have, yet we can hardly imagine this for ourselves now.

But there is good news...

The Soviet Secret is one of the few things that acts on your adrenals to unlock your body’s energy reserves.

The SOVIET SECRET could be the missing link to solving your Energy Crisis

As an adaptogen, it protects the adrenals from stress…thereby allowing your adrenals to focus on MAKING ENERGY!

And generate the sort of youthful power, focus, and drive you’re SUPPOSED to have.

The kind like you haven’t enjoyed since your 20’s and 30’s.

What’s an adaptogen?

A Russian scientist discovered this unusual class of herbs in 1947.

He found – out of thousands in the world – only 24 fit into this rare niche category.

That includes the herb, eleuthero, what I’ve been calling the “Soviet Secret”.

They’re truly the 1% of 1% of most powerful herbs for your health.

The 1% of 1% Most Powerful Herbs in the World

Yet they’re still almost entirely unknown in Europe and America.

Adaptogens stimulate your central nervous system, much like caffeine, but without the jittery effects.

You can’t get addicted to them. Your body never gets used to them either.

And just as its name sounds, it “adapts” to whatever your body needs at any given time.

If you normally feel burnt out by 2PM, struggle to get motivated for common chores or work...

Adaptogens kick into gear for you, helping give you the surge of energy you need in just the right amount.

So you no longer feel like you need to “push through” the rest of your day.

If you feel foggy, can’t focus on the task at hand, or forget what you need to buy at the store...

These herbs help jumpstart your brain, delivering the maximum alertness and focus.

Much like drinking a strong shot of coffee, but without the jitteriness and with endless energy.

Toss and turn at night and stay wide awake with racing thoughts and worries...?

Adaptogens know what your body needs, when you need it, and how much it needs, then delivers it to you.

In theory, adaptogens know when you need to sleep… much like a sleep aid, only it works the moment you need shut-eye and without side effects.

If you’re struggling to finish your exercise routine or even get some of your garden work done...

Adaptogens go into full swing, delivering the ENDURANCE you need to really go that extra mile.

That’s how powerful – and smart – adaptogens are.

WHATEVER you need – energy, sleep, stamina, brain power – they could give it to you

And unlike caffeine, sugar, or stimulants, they deliver non-stop energy without the crash. The chart you’re seeing shows the difference, how adaptogens boost your energy when you need it, then winds down at night.

There’s nothing else out there like them!

That’s why I’ve made these natural stimulants the key ingredients in a cutting-edge formula. One that supercharges your body and allows you to seize the day, taking on anything that comes your way.

In fact, I’ve recommended it for years, and people tend to get excited about the results…

Like Lance C., age 52, who has a three-year-old son and needs all the energy he can to keep up with him. Now he has it, thanks to the Soviet Secret. He wrote to me saying...

“Thank God I found my fountain of youth with this formula”

Then there’s Michelle C., age 62, who lists the results she’s experiencing with the Soviet Secret, “Sleeping much better, more energy and blessedly, much better mental focus and clarity.”

“I’m surprised this actually works as advertised!”

And then there’s Mary Jane A., who says this worked immediately on her daughter who’s now in her 50’s.* She felt exhausted all her life, to the point where she would come home at night and instantly fall asleep. But then she started taking the Soviet Secret and experienced a dramatic reversal, starting with one bottle! Now everyone in her family takes it and as Mary puts it,

“This Works Miracles!”

*Results may vary. Peak Adrenal X6 is intended to support healthy adrenal function.

We literally have a drawer full of stories just like these, people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and older who were battling with fatigue... struggling to make it through everyday tasks... and just wanted to feel “normal” again.

Now they’re enjoying the kind of supercharged energy they haven’t experienced in years, thanks to the Soviet Secret.

Introducing Peak Adrenal X6

I’ve included the Soviet Secret and not one, not two, but three other powerful adaptogens to totally level out stress and to give you steady energy you need –throughout the day.

I call it Peak Adrenal X6 and it is the most powerful natural adrenal-boosting formula on the planet.

It works so much better for one simple reason...

Because it provides a cushion between life’s everyday stressors and your adrenals... they’re now free to focus on generating energy, just like they were designed to do.

Imagine no longer feeling...

This could help you get your life back. You’d finally be yourself again!

You may have thought the impossible up until now. But thanks to this formula, you can easily experience a dramatic reversal, and one person found it started working immediately with a single support healthy adrenal

It starts with the Soviet Secret…

When researchers tested it in an 8-week double-blind study on college cyclers, giving them 400mg twice a day...

The athletes boosted their endurance by a full 23%...

That may not sound like a lot. BUT these are extremely fit, young athletes: people already at their peak physical age.

So just imagine what it could do for the everyday senior…

And that’s just for starters...

There’s a powerful performance enhancer used by natives in Russia, now confirmed by modern medicine.

The Russian Hunter secret to endless endurance

For thousands of years, it helped Russian hunters fight hunger and fatigue in epic hunting missions.

These hunters would trek incredible lengths through the frozen tundra of East Russia, relying on nothing but this berry for strength and food.

It was even said to improve their nighttime vision, enabling them to better hunt animals they otherwise couldn’t see.

It’s called schisandra and it’s another powerful adaptogen I’ve added to Peak Adrenal X6.

While still unknown in Europe and America, the most famous TV doctor hosted a segment on the berry, calling it...

“A Miracle Pill for Anti-Aging”

In addition, animal research shows this berry delivers a “calming effect” by reducing blood levels of cortisone...

It also boosts mental clarity, recall, and focus. And numerous studies demonstrate its performance-enhancing power…

For example, one study, using just 1-1.5g of schisandra, DOUBLED the work capacity of healthy adults.

This could really give you the zip you need to get things done… but without the jitteriness or crashing effects of caffeine.

The Soviet Secret (eleuthero) and schisandra are powerful adaptogens and are sure to get your adrenals firing on all cylinders... turning you into an energy factory.

But there’s much more to Peak Adrenal X6… including:

Ayurvedic medicine’s most prized herbal plant that has been used successfully for over 4,000 years.

This herb is known as a “life extender” in ancient Indian medicine.

It rejuvenates the whole body but especially the adrenals… giving you loads of energy…

It’s also an adaptogen and does the amazing feat of enhancing energy while relaxing tired muscles.

I’m not kidding either...

In one double-blind clinical study, men from ages 18 to 50 took 600mg of this herb over two months.

And they saw nearly DOUBLE the strength improvement compared to the placebo group... just for starters. They also saw...

All while substantially reducing their risk of muscle damageby improving their muscle recovery.

In addition, it’s shown to boost the white blood cell count in mice, supporting the immune system.

PLUS it helps the body adapt to stress by lowering cortisol… thereby protecting your adrenal glands.

One study found that 85% of the brain cells in animals exposed to chronic stress showed signs of degeneration.

That means their brain cells were aging and losing their capacity to function effectively.

But amazingly, when the animals were treated with this herb, they saw an 80% reduction in “aged” brain cells.

In our modern society, where stress does all sorts of damage to our bodies and brains, this herb is truly essential.

The only one I know of with the dual effects of energizing AND calming the whole body at the same time.

In other words, it’s like drinking a shot of STRONG coffee but feeling like you are getting a RELAXING massage…

Ashwagandha is its name.

And one of the most powerful things it does is promote sound sleep.

In fact, the species name of this herb, somnifera, means “sleep-bearing” in Latin.

There is a study on tired-out participants who took 125mg of Ashwagandha extract twice a day for 60 days.

And the results were remarkable:

They saw a whopping 67.7% reduction in sleeplessness without the morning drowsiness of sleep aids.

PLUS… Ashwagandha improved memory and concentration – AND supported healthy blood pressure levels!

Then researchers analyzed blood samples, and got more good news… an impressive reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, and a SURGE in DHEA, the so-called “youth hormone”!

That’s why I put the same proprietary type of Ashwadgandha in Peak Adrenal X6... practically guaranteeing you the same results.

Imagine no more bags under your eyes and no more after lunch crash… while others are dashing for coffee you’ll be ready to go…

But there’s more…

Peak Adrenal X6 leaves nothing out…

The candy that revs you up… unleashing boundless energy

You probably remember this childhood treat from movie theaters or Halloween...

But did you know that new research shows it’s actually an adaptogen...?

Or that animal research shows it delivers massive loads of energy, while replenishing the adrenals?

I’m talking about licorice.

And that may sound weird, but it has a remarkable history going back thousands of years as a powerful healing remedy.

Archeologists found a supply in King Tut’s tomb, alongside gold, silver, and other treasures.

The Egyptians believed it a cure-all. So did others like Romans, Babylonians, Indians, Chinese, and Greeks.

Alexander the Great used licorice and recommended it for his troops during their long marches.

He advised them to chew on the licorice root to help with their thirst when water was scarce… delivering them the STAMINA and ENDURANCE needed for victory.

Who knows...?

This could have been a key factor in the rise of Alexander the Great.

In fact, licorice is so powerful that it’s the #2 most prescribed remedy in Chinese medicine.

Remember, Chinese medicine is mostly herbal, so they prefer THIS out of thousands of herbs.

Now modern science shows why...

Turns out licorice contains potent ingredients called triterpenoids. Research shows these natural compounds crank up your energy hormones – especially DHEA, that “youth hormone” – in a way that perfectly complements the other adaptogens in this formula.

And that’s why I added it to Peak Adrenal X6.

Rest assured, this is no ordinary licorice – it’s an extract of Turkish Licorice root – standardized to contain 12% of those active triterpenoids.

That’s the fourth and final adaptogen in this formula. A combination of ingredients I consider the most effective to combat adrenal fatigue.


Peak Adrenal X6 harnesses the powerful adrenal-boosting nutrients on the planet

All perfectly mixed for MAXIMUM potential.

PLUS stress-relieving vitamins B5 and C that our adrenals NEED, but many of us are missing.

Imagine feeling like a 20-year old with enough energy to do a weeks’ worth of work in two days.

Imagine knowing that your adrenals are working at full capacity so nothing can slow you down.

You’d feel like a new person and family and friends may ask you what you’re doing to get all of your energy.

You’d know your energy problems are finally over – and now you could enjoy your life to do whatever you want...

How boundless energy can improve the quality of your life!

With almost no energy restrictions, you could play tennis again...

Golf without the cart…

You’d have the energy to walk, bike, even climb...

Take the grandchildren to Disney world and walk the park effortlessly… even keep up with them.

Your retirement could truly be the “golden years” you’ve always dreamed of.

And you’d have the motivation and ability to live out these dreams as a reality.

Start a business…

Work in your garden...

Travel the world...

All while not feeling fatigued.

Whatever you want to do... you could NOW have the motivation, drive, AND the power to achieve it.

Best of all… we’re so convinced that you’ll experience a dramatic turnaround with Peak Adrenal X6, we’re offering a special price – just for YOU.

That’s why I urge you to…

STOCK UP NOW! So you don’t have to worry about being too tired to do the things you love … ever again!

And thanks to NorthStar Nutritionals, you can stock up with peace of mind, knowing every bottle and every last capsule of Peak Adrenal X6 is backed by a generous guarantee – and an ultra-convenient free delivery service.

Here’s how it works: When you order today, you’ll become a member of my exclusive VIP Auto-Delivery Program. We’ll automatically ship you a fresh 6-month supply of Peak Adrenal X6 every six months so you never run out.

Of course, you have the option to sign up for a 3-month or 1-month supply. But when you consider the incredible discount you’ll get for the 6-month supply…

And when you start experiencing its remarkable energy, brain and physical-boosting power…

The sort of power you won’t want to EVER go without again…

I think you’ll agree: this opportunity for a 6-month supply is a virtual steal.

Whichever you choose, when your initial supply of Peak Adrenal X6 is about to run out, the same order you place today will be securely charged to your credit card so a fresh batch shows up right when you need it.

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In fact, my service team is made up of some of the most respectful, responsive folks you’ll ever have the pleasure of talking to.

They’re located right here in the US, they speak English, and they’re happy to help. So if you ever need to change your delivery schedule, pause the delivery service, or cancel it for any reason– just give them a call!

They’ll make sure you get exactly what you want – right when you want it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Oh, and best of all -- as an Auto Delivery Service member, you won’t pay a cent for shipping!

You heard right: ALL your shipping will be completely FREE!

And you’ll never have to worry about a thing, because every bottle of Peak Adrenal X6 is backed by NorthStar Nutritionals’ Gold Standard Guarantee

Now, as Research Advisor for NorthStar Nutritionals, I’ve seen the clinical studies… I’ve examined the research reports… I am confident Peak Adrenal X6 is going to change your life.

But I understand if you’re still a little skeptical. So if you’re EVER less than ecstatic about your results, even if your bottle is empty, just send it back, and I’ll refund every penny of the product price.

In other words, when you order today – you don’t risk one red cent of your hard earned money.

Sound fair?

It’s our way of saying, “Try it for yourself! Hold us to our word. Find out how great soaring energy feels, and I’ll take care of the bill unless you’re 100% thrilled.

Call me old fashioned, but that’s how business ought to be done.

So please don’t wait one more second… Go ahead and order your supply now!

You’ll be amazed how your whole life turns around once you’re sparkling with healthy energy… Don’t slog through another sleepy day – order Peak Adrenal X6 while supplies last!

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Dr. Allan Spreen
Chief Research Advisor
NorthStar Nutritionals

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