Dear Friend-in-Pain,

Locked inside this little glass bottle is an astonishing medical marvel.

One that health professionals say could change your life overnight... letting you do the all the enjoyable things you thought had passed you by.

Just a few clear drops of the stuff means virtually INSTANT PAIN RELIEF on contact... even from arthritic joint daggers, back pain flare-ups, and aching hips and shoulders.

The liquid disappears on contact... so quickly it's actually kind of strange... but just seconds later the pain in your throbbing joints and tender muscles MELTS AWAY.

People report it's almost like magic. They put a couple drops at the site of their pain, then they feel a little warmth, and then... POOF!... the pain has virtually disappeared.

Like it never even existed at all. In seconds. In fact, people say they feel blessed relief in less than a minute.

It's so powerful, 535,311 people have already secured their own bottle of this strange little miracle despite no mass media advertising.

Fact is, there's nothing like it EVER discovered for the safe, powerful release of your pain and discomfort.

So what exactly is it? And why hasn't your own doctor prescribed this powerful pain relief formula for your pain?

Well, he can't. He can't prescribe it because it isn't a pharmaceutical drug.

Actually, it's a scientific blend of Nature's most powerful pain relievers... "turbo-charged" by one astonishing breakthrough (I'll reveal that in a moment).

And since its active pain-fighting ingredients are all-natural you don't need a prescription to get it. It also happens to be quite a bargain.

But a better question might be:

Why hasn't your doctor even mentioned it to you?

After all, it works like nothing else. And it's inexpensive, but without the danger associated with a lot of pharmaceutical options for pain.

I can't say for sure, but the fact is your doctor likely hasn't mentioned it because he's never heard of it.

Our modern medical system doesn't work that way. Doctors aren't taught about natural remedies – no matter how powerful they are. And the drug companies would prefer that it stays that way.

And, heck, they're the ones pouring millions into the FDA and lobbying politicians and, well, you get the picture...

Fact is, I've been active in both mainstream and natural medicine my entire career and it still took a lot of digging on my part to ever learn about the little brown bottle and its miraculous contents.

I should introduce myself. I'm Dr. Allan Spreen.

I've been a Medical Doctor for more than three decades. I've been honored to appear on the Discovery Health Channel for my work in natural and nutritional medicine.

I also coach Olympic divers... and that's where I learned a lot about pain management. And what truly works and what doesn't for treating it.

Plus, I have to admit, with more than a touch of grey in these temples, I'm also experiencing the twinges, tweaks and aches that come with getting older.

I know how limiting it is to live your life around your pain. So I spent a lot of time looking for a real solution that safely and effectively relieves pain...

And it was almost ten years ago that I first learned about this one underground pain reliever...

You couldn't find it online or buy it in a store (still can't) or get it from a doctor. Actually, it's only available from one source in the world (which happens to be here in the USA).

When I used it myself, I was astonished. It works like nothing else I have ever tried.

Instant. Pain. Relief.

Even for aching, swollen arthritic joints. The ones that sometime feel like shards of glass are jammed in there. Trust me, I know.

I discovered there were a TON of other people who had learned the same thing. Actually, hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But absolutely no one was talking about it.

I asked some doctor friends about it and even they'd never heard of it.

The little brown bottle contains something called Soothanol X2.

And soothe it does, my friend. Your hips, your shoulders, your wrists and fingers...

Just two drops and your pain is gone. Let me ask you, what would that mean to your life? Just imagine...

  • Twisting that stuck-on top right off the pickle jar...
  • Bending down to put on your shoes with no back pain...
  • Strolling around the block without any hip discomfort at all...
  • Picking your grandkids up for a big hug (no shoulder twinges to ruin the fun)...

And so much more. Because when you hurt, your life STOPS.

How long has pain kept you inside... kept you from enjoying the things you used to do? The things that make life worth living?

How long have you choked down pain pills or slathered bad-smelling salves on your skin? And worried about what they were doing to your health?

No more.

Today, through this short special report, I'm going to reveal the Soothanol X2 secret to you. The one more than 535,311 people already know.

And the one you'll only learn right here, right now.

The secret... the reason it works unlike any other pain reliever
on earth... lies in two very important things...

The first one is something of a legend... celebrated 50 years ago but somehow lost to time.

It's called DMSO. Well, really it's called dimethyl sulfoxide, but that's a pretty big mouthful.

This DMSO stuff is found in kind of a strange place... it's actually made from the woody parts of trees and was discovered during the process of making paper.

It was first identified way back in 1866, but for a long time, scientists didn't give it much of a second thought.

But then in 1961, a medical doctor and scientist, Dr. Stanley Jacob, discovered that DMSO might be the single most important medical breakthrough of our time.

That sounds like a pretty big claim, so let me explain. Well, DMSO has actually been studied for more than 200 different health problems!

But that's not what we're talking about today – a lot of those studies are still being discussed and debated by science types.

No, we're talking about why DMSO could be the most important factor in delivering relief for your own arthritis, muscle or joint pain... almost immediately.

You see, DMSO has one truly remarkable (and undebatable) trait. It passes through your skin and all the tissue beneath it... almost instantly.

And if you mix DMSO with a pain-relieving agent, it rushes that relief directly to the source of your pain... like a bullet train to Memphis.

And when doctors (and their grateful patients) found out how truly effective DMSO is, well they started using it droves. In fact, from the 1960s into the 1980s, DMSO became a bit of a health sensation.

In fact, if you do a search of the U.S. National Library of Medicine for DMSO you'll find more than 17,000 results – making it one of the most well researched alternative solutions ever!

The most famous baseball and football teams of the time used DMSO as a way to help their players find relief from the pain that often comes with professional sports.

Sports Illustrated magazine even did a feature article on how DMSO was the secret health tonic of many pro athletes. Even the New York Times called DMSO "the closest thing to a (health) wonder" in April 1965.

DMSO's celebrity reached its peak when, in June 1980, Mike Wallace introduced the wonders of DMSO to 70 MILLION viewers across America on 60 Minutes.

And did Mr. Wallace – famous for sniffing out a scam – expose DMSO as a medical fraud? Far from it.
The segment interviewed person after person (even a pro football player) who called DMSO a godsend.

And Wallace even forced the head of the FDA to admit that DMSO is safe for consumers.

So what happened? Why didn't DMSO become a household name... and a vital weapon for people everywhere?

Well, I'll say it again... DMSO (as with the rest of the Soothanol formula) can't be patented by billion-dollar drug giants.

So a public misinformation campaign got underway and the next thing you know, DMSO just kind of slipped gently into history.

This Underground Secret Rockets Relief
Directly to the Source!

DMSO might truly have been forgotten forever if not for one man: Jon Barron.

Jon is a well-known health researcher and natural medicine expert. He's a bit of a legend in the field... having spent decades studying safe, natural medicines for our very worst health problems.

But his true focus (and passion) is natural pain relief. And, after more than 12 months of continual testing, Jon discovered 11 vital ingredients that, when combined in the perfect dosages, relieved pain like nothing he'd ever seen before.

Even tough arthritis pain... the kind that sends daggers with just the slightest movement.

But Jon felt his breakthrough formula still lacked one crucial element... the ability to get deep within swollen joints or aching muscles.

He needed something that would send this pain-relieving sensation right to the source of your pain.
If he just had that he truly believed he would have found the holy grail of pain relief.

And that's when he learned of DMSO.

When Jon added DMSO to his revolutionary "pain erasing" formula, the results trumped even his wildest expectations.

You see, DMSO takes this formula – 11 powerful ingredients in perfect dosages – and rockets it, almost instantly, to the source of your pain. You'll actually be astonished at how quickly it just vanishes from your skin.

Jon then worked with my research team at NorthStar Nutritionals to make the formula available to the American public.

We called it Soothanol X2. (The X2 is for "12" – the 11 amazing ingredients plus DMSO).

And when the little brown bottle went on sale, the letters began pouring in immediately...

Like Tracy Wisnewski from New York who said,

"It works almost immediately and provides warm relief of most of the pain. It takes a couple of minutes and lasts about 20 minutes. But I'm not surprised how Soothanol X2 works—I expect great results from the products that I buy from your company. I have yet to be disappointed."

Or John Scott from Scottsdale, Arizona who suffers from arthritis, saying,

"HOLY COW -- this stuff is wonderful - it gave me IMMEDIATE temporary relief from pain in my hands so quickly I couldn't believe it. Soothanol X2 is the most amazing pain relief potion we have ever used - and believe me, I have used them all!"

Sharon Klein from New Orleans summed it up for a lot of people:

"Soothanol X2 has been a godsend for me. I especially like to use it at night for a good night's sleep. Thank you."

These letters make me feel very proud. And I could go on and on with the success stories people around the country (and even internationally) are experiencing thanks to Soothanol.

In fact, with no mass media advertising and no pharmaceutical industry support, Soothanol has become an underground sensation. More than 1 million bottles have been sold and it keeps increasing daily.

Today, you have a chance to start a success story of your own. With the power of Soothanol in your medicine cabinet, car glovebox, golf bag or purse...

Your own pain could finally be a thing of the past!

But I don't expect you to believe it just on hype – we get far too much of that these days already.

DMSO is the first vital piece that makes Soothanol the "pain-erasing" wonder it is. But it's just half the story.

The second piece of the puzzle is the revolutionary 11-ingredient formula, specifically engineered to virtually erase your pain.

I don't want to bore you with all the science of why this formula works so incredibly well, but I think it's important to understand Jon Barron's genius.

You see, Jon combined 11 all-natural substances that work together to powerfully beat all kinds of pain.

With names like Emu Oil, the "mountain daisy" from the Alps, calendula oil, wintergreen and oil of St. John's Wort – to name a few – these aren't your run-of-the-mill ingredients.

No, they're the ones carefully used over decades (or centuries in some cases)... to arrive at the perfect dosages included in Soothanol X2.

With Soothanol, you're getting an all-star team of pain relief... allow me to quickly introduce the 11 players.

  #1 Menthol – the same stuff you knew as a kid – is one of nature's most effective pain zappers. It produces a wonderful cooling effect on the areas that hurt most. And even more than that, it also stimulates blood flow for quick pain relief.

#2 is a very special – and powerful – extract from the cayenne pepper, of all places. It goes by the name Capsaicin, but all you need to know is how effective it is at relieving your toughest hurts. From the stinging and jabs of arthritis to muscle aches and pains, capsaicin rubs them right away.

And that's not all. There are 9 more powerful ingredients in Soothanol. A lot of them have been used for centuries by our ancestors. And they're all included in exactly the right dosages.

Allow me to quickly introduce the rest of the superstar team in Soothanol.

  #3 is the potent herb Wintergreen.

#4 is something known as Calendula oil.

#5 is Common ginger, which has been getting a lot of attention in the health community.

#6 is Arnica (or "mountain daisy"). #7 is a natural substance called MSM., #8 a special oil made of the St. John's Wort herb.

And that's not all... Soothanol also includes #9 Emu Oil, #10 Orange Peel Extract and #11 Virgin Olive Oil – each of them a superstar in its own right.

That's 11 powerful ingredients, each formulated for the perfect dose... in every powerful drop of Soothanol.

Honestly, someone could write a book about the prowess of each and every one of this all-star 11. But that's not what you want to know...

You want to know "Will Soothanol really work for me?"

Oh yes. When these "all-stars" are rocketed by DMSO directly to the source of your pain...

True relief is finally here...

It's time to start thinking... what will you do when pain is no longer a part of your daily life?

Will you take that one trip you've always wanted to? What's your dream vacation?

Will you see your friends or family more often? Even the ones that live far away?

Maybe you'll take up a new sport or hobby... Anyone for tennis?

The truth is, life will be open to you in ways you haven't experienced in such a long time.

You deserve this. And it's your time. Today, you can experience the relief that these Soothanol users already know...

Eileen Church from Paterson, New Jersey sent me this amazing letter:

"I have never found a pain-reliever like Soothanol.  I would not ever want to be without this miracle product.  A couple of years ago I had a severe muscle spasm in my foot while walking with a friend in a shopping mall.  My friend reached into her purse a brought out this little bottle of Soothanol.  She placed one drop on my foot and within seconds, my pain was relieved and we continued with our Christmas shopping.  I drove myself home and I placed my first order with NorthStar Nutritionals for Soothanol.  Thank you so much for having this outstanding product."

I have a whole stack of letters from people who have felt the Soothanol difference...

"I keep telling folks how good this stuff is. I have had the relief last a whole day, sometimes two or three. The best part of all is that it works for my wife, who has pain and tried everything out there including manipulation and acupuncture. She gave this a try and uses it daily. She gets RELIEF and we couldn't be happier."

That inspirational letter was from Rick McCall of Macon, Georgia.

Regina Wallace from Fort Wayne, Indiana raves about Soothanol:

"This is truly a magical oil!!! I have given it to so many happy friends. Thank you."

I want your Soothanol success story to be the next letter I get. I can't wait to hear how Soothanol allowed you to do all the things you want to, without pain and with a newfound confidence.

With its all-star team to relieve pain ... and the magic of DMSO to speed them right to the source, Soothanol just plain works.

And when you receive your own bottle, you'll know it instantly.

Ever take a pain pill and wonder if it's really working? That won't be the case with Soothanol... you immediately FEEL IT WORKING. One or two drops, a flush of warmth... and your pain is virtually gone.

And, as a clear liquid you apply directly to your skin, there are no horse pills to choke down. And no messy salves or creams to stink up your bathroom.

Fact is, Soothanol is so effective, doctors who find out about it then use it themselves!

Dr. Alan Inglis sent me this letter after trying Soothanol:

"Soothanol effectively relieves my aches and pains quickly and for hours at a time, as well if not better than anything I've ever tried. Plus, I know it's safe. I recommend Soothanol to my patients."

Soothanol truly is the perfect pain-reliever... but there is one catch.

As I mentioned earlier, Soothanol is not sold in stores.

It's available only direct from NorthStar Nutritionals. That's the only way we can ensure Soothanol's quality and keep the price down low.

As the chief research advisor for NorthStar and a doctor, I give you my personal assurance that Soothanol is the best way to beat your pain you will find, anywhere.

But you don't have to take my word for it. I want there to be no reason why you don't try Soothanol for your own aches and pain. So we've backed it up with an iron-clad guarantee...

Our Unlimited Gold Standard Guarantee
So you can try Soothanol for as long as you want, Risk Free!

Soothanol works so well that we guarantee it will relieve your pain, every time you use it. And this guarantee NEVER EXPIRES.

That's it – no fine print, no exclusions. Our team at NorthStar Nutritionals is so confident that Soothanol is the best pain reliever you will ever find, you are covered by our unconditional guarantee, forever.

Try Soothanol for your aches, pain, arthritis and bruises. Test it out... for as long as you like. Make sure it's absolutely the pain-relieving marvel I'm saying it is.

If it isn't – if you're not satisfied for any reason at all – just return it and we'll refund everything you paid today.

No matter how long it's been. Even if you're returning an empty bottle!

It doesn't get any better or more risk-free than that.

But that's not all. You see, people that try Soothanol learn one very important thing... there are many future "Soothanol thieves" already in your life!

Yep, these are the folks who try your Soothanol and simply can't live without it.

Perhaps your wife whose aching hands need a drop or two. Or your son with his bad knee. Or your buddy whose back is so sore he can't swing a golf club anymore.

Mark my words, friend...

Someone will swipe your Soothanol!

So that's why I'm going to make you a very special offer through this special report.

Order more than one bottle of Soothanol today... and you'll get up to 3 FREE bottles.

There's no catch. If you want just one bottle of Soothanol to try at a great price, no problem at all. You'll be extremely satisfied (guaranteed).

But if you buy two bottles today, we'll send you a third bottle at no cost. That's a FREE bottle for you to share with your family or keep in your car or purse.

But it gets better than that. A whole lot better...

If you buy 3 bottles through this special report today... you'll get 3 more bottles FREE. That's 3 extra bottles at no cost to you, with our most sincere compliments.

That's the best deal we've ever made on Soothanol but it's available only through this special report right now.

And no matter how many bottles you send for today, your entire order is always covered by our unlimited guarantee.

Ready to get started?

Just click the button below now to try Soothanol X2 for yourself.

Remember, your best option is to get 3 bottles absolutely free, with the exclusive "Buy 3, Get 3 Free" offer available through this special report today. That's like getting a 50% discount on Soothanol!

But no matter how many bottles you try today, you are covered by our iron-clad 100% guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Join the more than half a million people who have tried Soothanol already...

And soon you'll be saying "I don't just feel better... I feel GREAT!"

And, please, do send me your success story. I can't wait to read about how your life has changed when the pain is just a memory... and the future looks so bright.

Whether it's your hands and wrists... or your shoulders... your back or your knees... Soothanol is the solution you've been seeking.

With the power of DMSO "turbo-charging" the 11 revolutionary ingredients, just a drop or two of Soothanol will soon have you smiling, bending, lifting, walking... heck, it might just have you doing the watusi.

Soothanol is the answer to your pain. Guaranteed. So let's get started right now. The button is below... your personal supply of Soothanol is waiting.

To a life free of pain,

Dr. Allan Spreen
Chief Research Advisor
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. – People have called me crazy for offering such a steep discount on Soothanol X2. And I know this amazing deal can't possibly last forever. So act now to lock in your 50% off savings, and finally say goodbye to pain!

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Indications: For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, or sprains.

Warnings: This product is for external use ONLY and is not to be ingested. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If condition worsens or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days, consult a physician. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Do not bandage tightly. This product should not be used on children under 12 years of age except as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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