TRP receptor discovery means…

You Can Now Relieve Your
Arthritis Pain On Contact

“The work is very thorough and cutting-edge.” – Dr. Rebecchi,
in communication with The Scientist.

Medical breakthrough by Hungarian scientist instantly
RELIEVES joint pain, lower back pain, and arthritis pain.
Feel blessed relief the 1st time you try this solution.

Dear Reader,



Imagine you’re fighting for your life in a war-torn hellhole in the Middle East.

A bomb explodes right beside you… smashing your body to the ground.

You skirt along the edge of death

Somehow, by the grace of God, you cling to life…

…but little do you realize your nightmare has just started.

You blink your eyes open. Lights shine down on your broken body and you realize you’re in a hospital. As you try to sit up from your bed to look around, you think you’re safe.

But then you feel it…

Icy, scraping pain shoots through your lower back, shoulders, and knees. It pierces your every thought.

Your body is wracked with pain.

Resting in your bed doesn’t help…

Drugs don’t relieve your pain, either…

…and after standard painkillers fail to help, your doctors shrug their shoulders, clueless about how to ease your suffering.

You feel hopeless. Cursed to live in pain forever.

It feels like a nightmare to even imagine this…

…but what you just heard is the beginning of a true story. This happened to Rick Smith, an American soldier in the Middle East. After a horrific bomb detonated right in front of him, he barely escaped death…

…only to end up cursed with a lifetime of chronic pain. Or so he thought…

You see, this true story has an amazing ending.

You see, after running out of options, his doctors decided to test a completely different kind of treatment on Rick.

It wasn’t a complicated medical procedure. He didn’t get an operation. Or any drugs with horrible side effects…

In fact, he didn’t take a single pill.


Rick’s doctors gave him a high-dose patch of something called C32, a
pain-relieving metabolite

A metabolite is a small molecule.

And that’s what C32 is… a tiny molecule that has a very special property…

It’s completely different from conventional painkillers. Because, instead of merely dulling pain or trying to mask it, this breakthrough pain-relieving metabolite addresses your pain signal at the source.

When the doctors tested it out, they were shocked at the results

This astounding medical breakthrough relieved Rick’s terrible pain.

Now, this is a dramatic example of severe pain... And the dosage Rick received – delivered with a patch – is far higher than what I recommend.

However, if you're experiencing daily pain from arthritis, gout, back aches, or other types of typical pain...

C32 could be the answer to relieving your pain on contact.

You see, C32 doesn’t take weeks and weeks to work. Not even days. Or hours or even minutes.

Instead, it works in just seconds.

That’s right…

You need just seconds for this breakthrough to
penetrate straight to the source of your pain…

zoom to it like a heat-seeking missile

…and relieve the pain.

No trips to the pharmacy required. No complicated procedures. Not even any pills.

And C32 works on many kinds of pain, especially everyday aches and pains from arthritis and gout. Here’s how it works:

Imagine being handed a vial of liquid. It almost looks like water. You rub a few drops onto your skin, exactly where it hurts the most. Directly on top of your aching knees or your throbbing lower back.

You glance at a clock and think, “Oh really? My pain is going to disappear that fast? Let’s see.”

Then… after only a few seconds tick by…

you feel it.

A surprising warm sensation that spreads deeper and deeper…

…and gets more and more powerful…

…until you suddenly feel sweet, miraculous relief. In the blink of an eye, your joints feel… wonderful. Like they haven’t in years. The pain is virtually… gone.

You take a few steps and chuckle a bit… because your knees feel almost brand-new. You bend over to grab a book from a low shelf. Nothing. Your back feels fine.

“It really does work,” you say… and you suddenly remember all the fun things you can do now.

Maybe tend to your juniper bushes…

Or grab your tackle box and head to the lake…

Perhaps plan that dream vacation you’ve been fantasizing about, now that you know your arthritis won’t hold you back…

Instead, you’ve got your life back.

All because of this breakthrough pain-relieving metabolite.

In this presentation, I’m going to share with you exactly what it is.


Medical science shows it could work for the exact kind of pain you’re suffering
from right now…

Arthritis in your lower back, knees, shoulders, hands, and any other joint causing you pain…


Whatever pain you’re suffering from…


Even if you’re over 50…

Even if nothing else has worked

It’s finally possible because of groundbreaking work done by a Hungarian scientist named Dr. Rohacs. He discovered a completely different, laser-targeted, instantly-effective secret for soothing away pain at the source.

Thanks to Dr. Rohacs’ pain-relieving metabolite breakthrough, you can feel lightning-fast relief without taking a single pill.

You don’t have to travel to the Middle East to get your hands on C32…

In fact, you don’t have to venture far at all.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you the best way to get your hands on it, so you can experience relief from the comfort of your home.

Dr Alan Spreen. Dr Alan Spreen.

My name, by the way, is Dr. Allan Spreen, M.D.

I’ve been honored to be called America’s “Nutrition Physician.”

I earned the title by dedicating my medical career to finding natural solutions for the worst health problems we face today.

I’ve appeared on Discovery Health Channel for my work in cutting-edge medicine.

I was also a competitive diver when I was younger, and I coached for the U.S. dive team in the ‘96 Olympic games.

And believe me, I know firsthand the heavy toll pain can take on your life.

I’ve been a medical doctor for well over 3 decades now.

So yes, I’ve seen the full spectrum of pain… from battered college athletes to arthritic 95-year-olds…

Not only that but… being 70 years young myself, this is very personal to me. As soon as I got my hands on this solution, I began personally using it to relieve my joint pain.

It’s that effective.


Whatever end of the pain spectrum you’re on, the result is the same:

Pain is like a curse on your life

It hits your lower back as soon as you push yourself out of bed…

…and jabs at your knees like tiny knives as you ease down your stairs.

It makes your finger joints and hands feel like bits of sand are in them, when you do something as simple as prepare your breakfast…

…and cuts you off from life. Because instead of enjoying a relaxing walk, you realize it’ll just make your hips ache. Instead of planning a fun fishing trip, you realize even holding a rod will hurt.

And instead of playing a fun game with your grandkids, you sit on the sidelines. Lately, it’s been tough to even visit them.

The only thing more frustrating than the pain itself… is trying remedy after remedy… and feeling the frustration and disappointment when none of them work.

If this rings true at all, you’re not alone. Standard pain treatments have failed us as a nation.

Opioid medications damage the body. They cause paranoia. They break down your liver. They cause brain damage. They’re horrifically addictive. The list goes on and on.

That is not a solution. That’s a nightmare.

So, perhaps you’ve tried natural remedies, hoping for relief without horrible side effects.

Unfortunately, they don’t work for all types of pain. Or they take way too long — some natural remedies take WEEKS or more to make a difference.

I’m sure you’ve been there. You toss back some glucosamine pills… and wait… and wait… and you feel ZERO difference.

But finally, there’s a better way to relieve your pain fast without destroying your body

You simply apply this pain-relieving metabolite, wait a few seconds… and your pain virtually disappears.

How on earth is this possible?

C32 works in a different way than every pain remedy you’ve tried. Instead of trying to mask your pain or dull it away, C32 addresses your pain at the source.

It’s possible because of special nerves in your body called TRP receptors.

They’re in your skin… your muscles… your joints… and they have one job: Transmit pain signals to your brain.

They do so by firing signals to your brain in machine-gun bursts, commanding your brain to feel instant pain.

They fire when you bang your elbow…

They fire when you stub your toe…

They fire when you touch a hot stove…

…and when this happens, you’re alerted that you’re in danger and you need to take care of yourself. That’s why TRP receptors exist.

Now, here’s the important part:

You can’t feel any relief until they stop firing.

That’s what makes arthritis and other kinds of joint pain so horrible. When you suffer from arthritis, your TRP receptors fire non-stop. Even when you’re trying to sleep.

It’s the dark side to these TRP receptors. And it was explained best by Professor of Neurology at Yale University, Dr. Stephen Waxman.

In an interview, he explained TRP receptors can fire “…spontaneously, even when there are no threatening stimuli.”

When you suffer from arthritis or other forms of joint pain, they fire and keep firing.

You could be trying to read your favorite book…

Watching TV…

Or even trying to sleep at night…

…but when TRP receptors fire “machine-gun bursts” to your brain, it feels like your joints are getting stabbed with rusty knives.

Because your TRP receptors are signaling that you are.

What’s the solution?

Cut the signal.

When you do, your pain practically DISAPPEARS.

Like *click* hanging up your phone.

Fortunately, we finally understand how to temporarily silence these bursts in mere seconds.

That’s what the pioneering Hungarian scientist, Dr. Rohacs, discovered. It’s called C32 and it’s your key to FAST relief…

This pain-relieving metabolite is not a
scary procedure in the doctor’s office
and it’s not
even a pill

When you apply C32 to your knees, your lower back, your hands, and anywhere else it hurts, the throbbing pain begins to vanish.

Here’s how this pain-relieving metabolite works:

It soaks directly through your skin and engulfs your TRP receptors. Remember, these receptors send pain signals to your brain.

Then, C32 chemically drains the TRP receptor of all its power.

It completely overwhelms the receptor.

As a result, the drained and exhausted receptor can’t send the pain signal as strongly. Your brain stops getting the signal… and you feel relief. It washes over you like a cool, calm ocean wave.

That’s why this breakthrough is so profound for anyone suffering from pain – especially arthritis pain. Because it no longer matters how long you've had the pain.

Once the signal gets cut, you feel pure, sweet relief.

Imagine counting down just a few seconds… and gasping in relief when your lower back finally stops crying out in protest…

Or jumping up from your chair with knees that feel as strong and sturdy as the days you rode your bike to the town center for an afternoon of adventure with your friends…


Imagine grabbing your spouse by the hand and dancing through your kitchen like silly newlyweds all over again

With this special pain-relieving metabolite, this can be real for you.

Not bad for something that goes to work on contact. Without any complicated procedures or even any pills required. And after you try it, I bet you might throw every pain cream, pill, and patch straight into your garbage can

…while you celebrate because you don’t need them anymore.

Now, you might still be a little skeptical and I understand completely. As a practicing physician and someone who’s entered his seventh decade, I don’t accept any claim without rock-solid science

…and that’s exactly what you’re going to hear in a moment. Because I’ve already been giving men and women a formula that contains C32. Their experiences were all the proof I needed. You are about to hear them… and they are amazing.

They show without a shadow of a doubt that when you apply C32 on your skin… wherever it hurts the most… you’ll feel your pain begin to fade in mere seconds.

You can get back to the things you love…

Tinkering in your garage…

Tending your garden…

Going on walks… even hikes… vacations…

Enjoying your life again – without thinking about the pain

Here’s what makes this a true Godsend…

C32 is now available in the United States.

So, what exactly is it?

It’s a chemical that comes from hot peppers called capsaicin.

Now, using C32 to relieve your pain is completely different from eating peppers. That being said…

You might be surprised to learn, the hot sensation caused by hot peppers…

…is actually C32’s key to addressing your pain signals.

It’s true. C32’s heat-producing properties are what chemically drains your TRP receptors. As a result, your brain stops receiving such strong pain signals.

In the blink of an eye, those familiar aches and those horrible shooting bolts of agony will practically disappear.

Now, considering how powerful it is, you might wonder why C32 isn’t more widely used.

That’s because of two challenges.

For C32 to work 100%, it needs to penetrate the skin. Remember, this isn’t a pill. It’s something you rub directly over your pain.

But sometimes, it has trouble absorbing deeply into the muscles and joints deep beneath your skin.

According to Hungarian Scientist Dr. Rohacs, C32 could be much more effective if it could absorb deeply… and would change the way we fight pain forever.

That way, it would zoom straight to the source of your pain.

It could be a worldwide gift for people in pain

Fortunately, such a breakthrough was discovered...

And we've found the perfect combination of ingredients to pair with C32...

Thanks to this special formula, C32 gets transported directly to the source of your pain, shutting off the TRP nerve and draining its power to send strong pain signals.

You feel relief.

…within SECONDS.


You place a few drops on your knees and wait only half a minute…

You gingerly get up…

…and realize your knees feel fine.

Like a beautiful warm relief force has flooded the deepest parts of your knees and soothed away your pain.

You take a few more steps and smile as you realize you can move around more easily. No more bracing yourself for pain. No more holding yourself back.

You’re astounded by how good you feel.

In fact, you can’t even remember the last time you felt this good.

You can finally enjoy being the REAL YOU,
without your pain holding you back

It’s amazing…

…but before this fantasy can become an absolute reality for you, there’s just one more hurdle to overcome.

As you learned, the pain-relieving metabolite C32 comes from hot peppers. Because of this, when people apply it to their skin, some find the hot sensation a bit too irritating.

Dr. Rohacs said that if someone could tolerate a larger dose, it would change their pain relief from lasting HOURS to lasting much longer.

Fortunately, scientists found what we think is the perfect solution. We’ve found it cools away any trace of burning so you can enjoy longer pain-relief. It’s called Menthol.

Menthol has a cooling effect on your nerves. Because of this, menthol blocks the irritating feeling that C32 has at larger doses.

Not only that, but menthol actually helps relieve pain on its own!

Scientists did a triple-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to find out how well it could relieve pain.

They recruited volunteers who worked in a warehouse and had awful pain in their hands.

Scientists applied Menthol on the workers’ hands and wrists at the end of their lunch breaks. Then, the workers returned to their heavy lifting.

What happened next was remarkable…

The workers were amazed to feel their pain levels plummet. Not just while at home resting, but even while still working on the job. They felt fine even while hauling, lifting, and carrying tremendous weight

How wonderful would it be if your joints felt young and comfortable, no matter how you move?

Plus, remember menthol works by triggering your nerves to feel COOLING sensations. Because of this, it reduces the hot feeling from C32.

Finally… the two challenges of C32 were solved.

Because of our formula's super-absorption powers, it helps transport C32 directly to your TRP nerves to help shut down their pain signals…

The menthol ensures you get an effective dose with much less of a hot sensation.

You'll finally relieve your pain at the source…
and you’ll experience relief FAST

C32 to stop the pain + Menthol to cool things off + a balanced formula to transport everything. It’s the perfect pain-relieving combination.

Your whole life will open back up.

You can jump back into the hobbies you love. Fishing. Gardening. Working on your car. Bowling. Hiking. Bring your grandkids! Just don’t make them feel too bad when you outrun them…

No more isolation. No more humiliation. Your arthritis pain is RELIEVED.

From now on, you can choose how to live your life…

On YOUR terms.

The secret is combining the cooling menthol and C32, which is capsaicin, into a perfect formula. All combined, they successfully help shut down the source of your pain.

And this combination is finally available…

Soothanol X2 bottle

I’ve used my connections as a physician to combine all three ingredients into a life-changing formula called Soothanol X2™.

In just a moment, I’ll show how you can claim up to 3 FREE bottles of Soothanol X2.

First, here’s how Soothanol X2 works. Simply place a few drops right on the source of your pain – directly where your joints ache the most…

Wait just a few seconds… and you’ll feel your pain begin to evaporate.

Whether it’s arthritic pain or even pain from gout…

It goes to work the very first time you use it. Almost like magic…

More great news...

Soothanol X2 has no preservatives and no fillers

We put in EXACTLY what you need. Nothing will get in the way of your pain-relief.

Remember, there are zero pills to take. No doctor visits required.

Soothanol X2 is a clear liquid. Simply apply wherever you need it and let the magic happen.

No more agonizing pain when you try to do simple tasks at home.

You can go back to exploring the world, enjoying time with your family, or making the most of a romantic moment with a special someone… without pain holding you back.

Yes, even if you’re suffering from arthritis, even sprains… Soothanol X2 will give you the relief you need!

Just apply two drops in the privacy of your home. Rub the liquid wherever it hurts.

Then, by the time you place the bottle back in your medicine cabinet, the pain will already begin to fade.

When we’ve tested it out, we’ve felt the difference in just 32 seconds.

The relief you’ll enjoy truly has to be felt to be appreciated. And now, it’s your chance.

In this presentation, you’ve learned about C32 – the arthritis-relieving pain-relieving metabolite tested by a pioneering Hungarian scientist.

You’ve seen proof of how it “jams” your TRP nerves… the source of your pain.

Finally, you learned how menthol relieves pain and delivers the perfect cooling sensation to complement C32.

And now, we’ve combined both pain-relieving wonders into a single powerhouse formula...

Soothanol X2.

It’s now available as an easy-to-use liquid.

It targets the specific places in your body
that hurt the most

Simply put two drops directly over where you want relief…

…and marvel as your pain begins to fade on contact!

Your arthritis pain will ease away…

Your joints – all of them – will feel smooth, flexible, strong, and comfortable.

You can rediscover what you love to do, without pain holding you back. Say goodbye to the isolation and embarrassment. No more staying home… or needing to ask for help with simple tasks.

The next time your grandkids run up to you and ask to play, you won’t have to disappoint them again. Now, you can jump up and join them.

You’ll marvel at how easy it is to climb stairs, get out of bed, and pursue your hobbies…

You’ll enjoy life again without those nagging aches and pains to hold you back.

In fact, here are some actual experiences of real men and women who have used Soothanol X2:

"Three words: instant pain relief! I have been using this product for several years now. When I need it, it always works for me. Hands, back, and knees. I have occasionally given a bottle as a gift to relatives. Thanks for such a great product."
- Ron Bowman

"Soothanol X2 is non-addictive and fast! I use on my lower back, neck and shoulders. I’m not distracted all day long by pain anymore. I use it at least 2 times a day. I ordered some for my mother who has back pain at 90 years old. It helps her too!"
- Pam Capper

"It works great. At first, I used it on my sprained wrist. Soothanol X2 may have helped it heal faster. I still use it on my big toes about every other day before going to bed. It seems to start working right away and I don’t usually have to reapply it until a day or two later. Soothanol X2 helps me to sleep better at night otherwise my toes would keep me up at night."
- Gary Franken

"It was recommended by my chiropractor. I use 5-6 drops on my arthritic knees 2-3 times a day. It works immediately and lasts for several hours. Most of my discomfort is in my knees. I've used several different ointments and rubs and Soothanol X2 works the best of anything I have tried. Using Soothanol X2 helps me walk with less pain which is very important to me. My life is more pain-free, which means a lot when you're experiencing pain."
- Susan Rowland

“My friend used Soothanol X2 and called me the same day she used it because she had not been able to bend her knee or stand in the choir at church because of back pain. She wanted me to know Soothanol X2 took away all her pain! We both were giving God the glory for what this product was able to do to restore her to normalcy again. My friend proved your claims about Soothanol X2’s pain-relieving ability, in minutes after the application."
- Loretta Sommer

Bottom line: Soothanol X2 relieves your worst joint painat last, you’ll have relief in seconds, right at the source of your pain.

You can feel just like the men and women you heard about.

But there is one catch.

Fortunately, I think you’ll find it’s a reasonable one. The only way to get this life-changing combination of ingredients in Soothanol X2

…is through this presentation. Right here, right now.

You see, Soothanol X2 isn’t sold in any stores or pharmacies. And it never will be.

This is a groundbreaking formula. There’s nothing else like it.

We have a limited supply available and we’re sending it directly to Americans like you who need it most.

You deserve an option that is safe and effective

This way we can ensure consistent quality… and stop the price gouging so often seen with pain relief treatments. We want this to be something every American can afford.

Are you ready? It all starts with you making a choice

You can continue along the same path, wracked with arthritis pain.

Struggling to sleep at night. Waking up every morning feeling worse.

It’s not going to magically get better just because you want it to. Instead, it could just get worse.

Like I said, that’s one choice. But now you have another. You can make the decision to try Soothanol X2. This single decision could change your life.

Let’s face it: your joint pain isn’t going to get any better on its own…

But what if you could relieve it right at the source, in moments?

How will it feel when your aching pain… like bits of sand are caught in the middle of your joints… practically vanishes?

With Soothanol X2, you don’t have to resign yourself to feeling aches and pains…

You don’t have to give up the things you love because you can’t handle the pain…

and you don’t have to accept the frustration and embarrassment of struggling with the simplest tasks!

Instead, just place a few drops of Soothanol X2 wherever you feel pain.

Let C32 and cooling menthol work together to seek out your TRP nerves deep in your joints…

Shut down its pain signals… and relieve your arthritis pain.

I suggest using Soothanol X2 when you first wake up in the morning. Instead of bracing yourself for pain as soon as you try to get up from your bed, just apply a few drops.

Before you know it, you’ll be waltzing down those stairs and realizing you're not wincing in pain anymore…

That’s when you’ll realize…

“I don’t have to be held back by pain anymore. I’ve got the solution right in my hands and I can use it any time I want!”

You’re empowered to live your life, your way.

And it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You don’t need to wonder if you’ve already taken the maximum dose of some pill.

You could be enjoying a romantic moment with your spouse…

Playing with your grandkids…

Or even fishing, hunting, or hiking through your favorite peaceful corner of nature…

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can feel confident that you can handle anything, because...

YOU have the power to relieve
your arthritis pain any time!

Soothanol X2 is different from anything else you’ve tried.

It relieves your joint pain dead in its tracks. All it takes is a few drops on your skin. No pills required. No waiting and hoping. No disappointment.

But you don’t have to just take my word for how fast it soothes away your pain.

YOUR direct experience is what matters.

I’m so confident this formula will make your joints feel brand-new, I want you to try Soothanol X2 with ZERO risk.

That’s right… you have an unlimited, 100% guarantee when you try Soothanol X2 today.

Soothanol X2 guarantee bottle

Here’s how it works:

Claim your personal supply of Soothanol X2 today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and place a few drops of Soothanol X2 everywhere you have arthritic pain.

Your shoulders… knees… hands… anywhere you need it! Same with pain from gout.

Then keep your eye on the nearest clock. Make sure it’s one where you can count the seconds.

Because before you know it, you’re going to…

Feel blessed with astonishing, deep relief… like your prayers have finally been answered. You’ll know for real that this works.

But if, for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with how Soothanol X2 makes your joints feel the very first time you try it…

…simply call my team and we’ll give you back every penny (less shipping), no questions asked.

Let me repeat that… for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige. Like I said, your experience is the most important thing.


Your guarantee NEVER expires

You can request a refund anytime in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… or even more!

That’s how confident we are that you’ll be THRILLED with the pain relief you’ll experience from Soothanol X2.

And this way, there’s no pressure… and no risk… when you agree to try Soothanol X2 today.

One more thing…

The C32 in Soothanol X2 works by chemically draining your TRP receptors. Because of this, the more you use it, the more Soothanol X2 “jams” your TRP receptors.

In other words, you may find that it works and keeps working better every single time you use it.

The key is consistent application.

In that spirit…

I want to send you up to 3 FREE bottles of Soothanol X2…

…just for reading this presentation.

Maybe you’ll give one to a friend who needs it too. That’s up to you.

I want to make sure everyone has access. It’s your RIGHT to free yourself of pain. And it’s a blessing to help others who are suffering too.

If you want to try Soothanol X2 by selecting one bottle today, that’s completely okay.

With normal use, one bottle usually lasts about a month. So that option makes a lot of sense for people who want to just try out Soothanol X2.

But if you reserve 2 bottles today, we’ll send you a 3rd bottle absolutely FREE. That’s a 90-day supply… for the price of just 2 bottles.

However, that’s still not the best way to save money. Today, through this presentation ONLY…

You get 3 FREE bottles of Soothanol X2 when you buy 3 bottles.

Just to be clear… when you reserve 3 bottles of Soothanol X2 (a 90-day supply), we’ll send you an additional 3 bottles absolutely FREE.

That’s a full 6-month supply … for the cost 3 bottles.

And no matter how many bottles you choose today, you’re ALWAYS covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. But you must act fast - our supplies are limited and I want to make sure you don't miss out.

So let’s do this:

In a moment, you’ll see a button that says “Add to Cart” appear below this screen.

When you do, click that button.

Then fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Decide how many free bottles you want today.

Once you do…

We’ll begin packing your shipment of Soothanol X2 right away and rush it to your home

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain package from USPS.

The return address will say “NorthStar Nutritionals”

Carefully packed inside will be your personal supply of Soothanol X2 – including any FREE bottles you selected.

When it arrives, take your Soothanol X2 supply right into your kitchen, open it up…

…and apply your first dose immediately. Just a few drops will be enough.

Pick the spot on your body where your pain is the absolute worst.

Then, set your timer to prove how fast Soothanol X2 really works.

The magic pain-relieving metabolite C32 will dive beneath your skin, race straight to your pain, and give you blissful relief. The menthol will keep everything feeling cool.

Then, slowly get up.

You might brace yourself for the pain you used to feel in your knees or wrists…

…until you realize it’s nowhere to be felt.

You rise to your feet and you realize it’s relieved!

You don’t feel even the slightest twinge!

You try again. You sit down and then get up again. A little faster this time.

Same result!

It’s like your arthritis has temporarily disappeared from your body

No more pain from gout, either.

The pain-relieving metabolite worked… and your joints feel brand-new.

A smile of joy spreads across your face. It’s impossible to contain your excitement when you realize you’ve suddenly got your life back!

And that’s just the first time you try Soothanol X2. As you keep using it – a squirt here and there, whenever a touch of pain sneaks back…

you could actually forget what it was like to live with daily pain (and that’s a very good thing to forget!).

Instead, you’ll enjoy wonderful reminders of how young and strong you feel.

Every time you open a jar with a satisfying snap of the lid…

Skip down a flight of stairs…

…or easily button up your shirt.

You’ll suddenly remember how you used to really struggle

…but not anymore.

Meanwhile, all your old, unused pain pills are gathering dust in the back of your medicine cabinet. As they should be

Because you’re finally free.

No pain will ever hold you back again

Okay, it’s time. Here’s what to do:

Click the button below now to reserve your supply.

Remember, you take no risk at all.

You’re ALWAYS protected by our ironclad 100% guarantee.

So if you’re ready for your joint pain to virtually disappear… if you’re ready to enjoy your life again… go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your supply of Soothanol X2 and decide how many free bottles you want.

Make sure to click the button now.

I can't wait to hear how your pain gets dissolved.

For Soothanol X2 and North Star Nutritionals, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to select your risk-free supply of Soothanol X2 now.

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